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Floral Snips & Scissors

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Green Thumb 6-Inch Mini Floral Snips
SKU: (TV576348)
MPN: (GT1337)
$8.99 (EA)
Stainless Steel Floral Scissors
SKU: (TV677726)
MPN: (FS 4000)
$9.99 (EA)
Fiskars Durasharp 8-Inch Softgrip Straight Titanium Scissors
SKU: (TV108748)
MPN: (01-005409)
$8.99 (EA)
Hydrofarm Mini Plant Clipper, 5-In.
SKU: (TV181055)
MPN: (HGMC400)
$5.49 (EA)
Ball Herb Scissors, 5-Blade, Stainless Steel
SKU: (TV177911)
MPN: (1440010738)
$9.99 (EA)
Fiskars Garden/Floral Scissors
SKU: (TV132104)
MPN: (396085-1001)
$12.99 (EA)
Corona Clipper Comfortgel Floral Snips
SKU: (TV157409)
MPN: (FS 3204)
$16.99 (EA)
Fiskars Cuts+more Garden Scissors, 5-In-1
SKU: (TV141498)
MPN: (356922-1003)
$16.99 (EA)
Fiskars Pruning Snips, Comfort Grip, 2-Pk.
SKU: (TV158075)
MPN: (399218-1001)
$24.99 (EA)
Fiskars Comfort Series Floral Snips
SKU: (TV158078)
MPN: (96386935)
$17.99 (EA)
Fiskars Cuts+more 5-In-1 Scissors, 9-Inch
SKU: (TV138588)
MPN: (01-005710)
$19.99 (EA)
Hydrofarm Plant Snips, Mini
SKU: (TV181059)
$2.99 (EA)