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Steel Box Accessories

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Adjustable Steel Bar Hanger
SKU: (TV243352)
MPN: (920)
$3.49 (EA)
Add-A-Depth Extension Ring With 1-1/8-Inch Screws
SKU: (TV495556)
MPN: (976)
$3.49 (EA)
RACO INCORPORATED 8973-1 Grounding Screws
SKU: (TV199193)
MPN: (8973-1)
$1.49 (EA)
Pair Steel Switch Box Support
SKU: (TV243436)
MPN: (8977-5)
$1.29 (EA)
2-Pack Single Gane Metallic Low Voltage Plate
SKU: (TV518777)
MPN: (9017)
$3.79 (EA)
2-Pk. 12 AWG Stranded Copper Grounding Pigtail
SKU: (TV834546)
MPN: (GGP-1502)
$2.79 (EA)
8983-1 10Pk 6 Inch Pig Grnd Screw
SKU: (TV394632)
MPN: (8983-1)
$6.99 (EA)
10-Pack Green Gounding Clips
SKU: (TV365653)
MPN: (8975-1)
$3.49 (EA)
8-Pk. Green Grounding Clips
SKU: (TV533156)
MPN: (GGC-1508)
$2.29 (EA)