Going Tankless

Going Tankless - 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Water Heater

Do you hate running out of hot water? Try a tankless water heater! Tankless heaters don’t have a pre-filled tank and only heat water when you need it, so they can give endless hot water. It really is as good as it sounds! Before you decide to buy, here are some things to consider about going tankless.


1. Savings

While the cost of tankless water heaters might make you hesitate to buy one, it’s worth it in the end. Tankless water heaters last twice as long as standard 40-50 gallon water heaters, about 20-25 years. How? There’s no flame burning out the bottom of a tank, no residue buildup inside, and increased efficiency and safety measures. In fact, Noritz offers a 25 year warranty on the heat exchanger in the water heater. We recommend flushing the tankless heater out with vinegar once a year (a plumber can do this) and using a water softener to ensure the longest lifetime. Not only do tankless heaters last longer, but they also save money. In the long run, people see 30% savings with tankless heaters as opposed to standard heaters on average. Those savings come from all the energy conserved when you don’t heat an entire tank of water all day and all night. Looking at Utah, there are also possible rebates up to $350 for tankless heaters. Check out www.thermwise.com/home/ApplianceRebates.php to find out more.

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2. Increased Safety and Ventilation

We’ve all heard the horror stories of water heater tanks bursting, overheating, or leaking gasses like carbon monoxide into the basement. These tragedies don’t happen every day, but they’re not uncommon. Tankless water heaters increase safety exponentially because there’s no large tank that could spill, no flame to burn out the bottom, and less risk of gas leakage. This being said, tankless heaters are still gas appliances and require expert installation. The ventilation system needs to be changed when going from a standard 40-50 gallon to a tankless water heater, and this can be tricky. Some DIY-ers try to do it themselves, but that can have deadly consequences. (https://www.canadiancontractor.ca/canadian-contractor/tankless-water-heater-kills-ohio-family/1003285830/) We recommend you pay to have a professional plumber install your tankless heater. The plumber will often have a warranty in case the heater leaks or has issues down the road. As long as it’s installed by a professional, you don’t need to worry. These units are so safe, they can be installed almost anywhere in a house, even in a bedroom closet.

3. Correct Sizing

Do you ever want to get the dishes started in the dishwasher, run the laundry, and take a hot shower at the same time? It just doesn’t work if you only have a 40 gallon tank of heated water. Those 40 gallons go fast when you try doing more than one thing at a time. Talk about your water needs with a plumber and they’ll be able to tell you the right size tankless heater to do all the water projects you want to do. If you have 4 showers in your home, take that in to account, but also think about how often you have 4 people showering at the same time. A plumber factors in water needs, ground water temperature, home size, etc. to help you determine what model to get. The right size tankless heater will give you all the endless hot water you need.

4. Efficient Options

Tankless water heaters use heat exchangers to get water to a specific temperature. Two exchangers work together in each unit to heat the water with 95-96% efficiency. This efficiency allows you to pick a specific temperature for your water, like a nice 104 degree shower, and the water will come out at that temperature with a 2 degree margin of error. Tankless heaters only heat water when you need it, so it does take time to start feeling the hot water, usually 1-2 minutes. To make this easier, you can get a recirculation pump to keep water in your pipes ready at a certain temperature. Rinnai builds tankless heaters with recirculation pumps already installed that will adapt themselves to your shower habits and are compatible with Alexa, your smartphone, and more. (RUR199in http://bit.ly/2QI9sI8)

5. World Trends

Tankless water heaters might seem new, but that’s really only in the United States. In Australia, Europe, and parts of Asia, tankless heaters are all homeowners use. Heating a 40 gallon tank of water all day and night seems wasteful to them, so they have a tankless heater to heat water only when they need it. It’s also more compact and flexible than a standard 40-50 gallon water heater, making it easier to install in small homes and apartments. Consult with a plumbing expert to see if a tankless heater is right for you. No need to be wary of new technology, it’s a tried and true choice for your home.