Why Choose Rinnai?

Why Choose Rinnai?

5 reasons to pick this brand above all other tankless water heaters


1. It's the Oldest Brand

Rinnai wears its age as a medal of honor. As 100 years of experience will show you, Rinnai specializes in water heaters and have perfected the craft over time. Rinnai first started in Japan where their water heaters were installed in Japanese teppanyaki restaurants. The precise water heating led to perfect rice every time! From there Rinnai has expanded to include multiple continents and specializes not only in commercial water heaters, but residential ones as well.

2. It’s the Top Brand in the World

Along with being the oldest brand, Rinnai is also the top brand in the United States as well as all over the world. Their quality is unbeatable by any other brand. All of their tankless water heaters use grade 444 steel, which is of higher quality and 1 mm thicker than all other brands use. This makes their products more durable and long-lasting than any other water heater on the market. Rinnai is number one because no one can match the quality and care they put into any of their products.



3. No safety recalls

That’s right, none. Rinnai doesn’t sacrifice safety for a profit. Before making any new changes to improve one of their water heaters, they perform extensive tests to make sure that any new change won’t cause any type of malfunction. Because of this, Rinnai has never made a safety recall. Their heaters also rarely malfunction. The defective rate is .03%. If a heater has an issue, Rinnai asks for the defective heater to be sent back to them for testing. Most of the time they find that the heater wasn’t installed correctly. Rinnai tankless water heaters are reliable and will leave you feeling confident about safety in your home.  

4. Localized products

Even though they’re the biggest gas appliance manufacturer in the world, they create products specific to your community. Rinnai knows that Japanese restaurants are different from homes at the top of the Rockies. They create water heating solutions specified to the types of climates we have in the United States. One example is the Hybrid line. This tankless water heater with an extra storage tank is a happy medium for Americans who have tank-type water heaters and like the hot water storage.



5. Customer service

Rinnai takes care of their customers like no other brand. They offer a 24/7 local tech service. They have technicians in each region to help customers, so you won’t be talking to an automated service. With Rinnai tankless water heaters, customers can also get a wifi box to control their settings. This box is notified when there’s a problem with the water heater and the information is sent to a local technician. When the technician arrives at your door, they’ll already know what to do! Another feature to speed up the time heated water gets to your kitchen or bathroom is a recirculation pump. This pump will keep water at a specific temperature in your pipes and be ready for your daily shower. It’s compatible with Alexa, your smartphone, and a motion sensor or push button in any room. Rinnai water heaters are made to serve you the best way possible.

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